Has Video Stream Killed the Video Store: On Demand Media vs. Shelf Media Content

There seems to be an increasing demand for “On Demand” Streaming Media. Everyone is aware of the Podcasts, the low-quality to mid-quality video streams for your Blackberry or your Cell-phone. Even Bittorrenting is increasingly flagging the need for streaming media, whether it be for “On the Go” or whether its for Ease of access. Either way, society has definitely shifted (a long time ago) towards the need of Media to go. For the most part, this has not been a problem, as these video streams and casts have been at very best… High Quality and some in the HD formats, with 720p being at the high end, but at the cost of bandwidth and much larger files.

Recently, I’ve visited a few websites (I’ll list these sources later, this is only my rough draft) that offer, viable and ethical media content streaming with large throughputs, extensive storage capacity and highly compressed HD quality (supporting upto 1080p). All this for the the price of a sign up, with no fees. Some critics (I will cite these sources as well) have more than hinted, that these types of sites, facilitate piracy and violations of the DMCA (Digital Media Copyright Act).

Two companies have joined forces and announced their intentions of entering the Digital Licensing Management market, and becoming competitors against DLM giants such as Microsoft, Real Media, Apple and the likes. The two companies that have signed a contract towards this end are DivX Incorporated and [German Company credited for introducing the mp3 format (more info to follow)] and are promising to exonerate their previous histories of piracy facilitation (Citation here from ZDNet.co.uk) and join forces to digitally encode Licensing Water Marks. Thus, bringing into Stage… birth of a streaming digital On-Demand Media Content.

1. Hasn’t YouTube and MySpace already done this?

A: Not to this extent. And definitely not at these capacities that equal or surpass “Video Store” quality; Ranging from DVD quality to HD quality up to HD 1080p.

With such high demand for Streaming video and media content, some Corporate giants (MGM Studios, Universal Studios (more with citations later) ) Have chosen to join the market. Rather than only tackling illegal P2P file sharing subject-matter, MGM Studios et. al. have chosen to join in and release their TV episodes the same day/night that their show is released. It’s how I ran into my personal favorite Sci-Fi Episode of Stargate Atlantis.

After doing a Google Search for the latest episode of my favorite show, I found a link that appeared to be a legitimate and viable source of current media content… right on Amazon. I quickly purchased the previous episode I had missed (all for $1.84) and waited quietly and patiently for a couple of hours (at work mind you) until the airing of the next episode. As soon as the episode aired, it was published and released for $1.84 through Amazon. I was Ecstatic! I was watching the current episode that I would have missed, without having to set a record reminder at home on my DVR. Best of all, the quality of the video was significantly better.

Streaming media/video, especially illegal file sharing through torrenting, may have seemed like an insult and infringement of creative and commercial works (torrenting of course still is), but our Large corporate giants have caught on that, like it or not, the average busy professional who works 8-12 hour days, necessitate viewing relaxation on the go, (or at work such as myself… **Sshhh Don’t Tell, I won’t**). It may or maynot cut down on illegal file sharing, but it certainly is a start, and provides a viable means of obtaining the most current media content, online, and streaming to your PC or portable device. Now that is what I call A Streaming Video Store.

So to answer my own Question. “Did Video Stream Kill the Video Store?”

A: I think not. I believe it has only fueled the expansion of this market. Better to join the winning side, and cash in on the available market already in place, than to meet a costly stalemate, I say.

This is just a quick preview of my “Weekly Edition Post”… It’s also my first at WordPress. Time will tell what type of content will be appropriate for Posting, and certainly time will be my tutor in the Art of the Blog.

(More To follow in content, references, accuracies and editing)

Jerry Zambrano