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All puns laid aside, this is a question that some have been asking. When a major Online Video-streaming media giant closed its doors in late February early March, many investors, users and others of interest, voiced their opinions and outrage. News, Forums and Blogs reflected this. In fact, at the announcement of Stage6 closing its doors (February 25, 2008), DivX investors panicked and began selling their stocks and shares. The monetized Stock Market value fell a dramatic ($12.06 – $9.79) $2.27 a share. For the average investor, this is a huge loss. Shortly thereafter, analysts projected that post 4th Quarterly report for the year stock value of DivX Inc. would have another fall. However, no one could have anticipated that scope. From $10.19 (a quick partial recovery) to an astounding $7.18 (ALMOST a whole $3.00 per share!!); the largest plummet since the step down of Jordan Greenhall. This was way below analyst expectations (If a Corporation can’t meet expected lows of professional analysts that Corporation ought to re-evaluate its stance.) I attended the report via web-video conference and broadcast. Many questions with no solid answers to press and major investors.


Shortly after DivX Inc. closed, many a sites began popping left and right; almost literally. Several sources were anticipating a new and possibly improved version of the former Stage6. Other sources stated only that DivX Inc. had closed an asset due to rumors of litigation between DivX and Universal Music. Some of this was substantiated. Enough on this. I’ve promised the “Nitty-Gritty”.

Recently I signed up with a site heralded by Mashable.com (I’ve always referred to this News Site as Mash potatoes. Don’t ask me why.) I was quite blunt on my opinions of the opening of a DivX technology “Comeback”. I visited and visited time and again this alleged “Comeback”. The longer I waited, the more skeptical I became. I even joined several other sites claiming to be NEW Betas or Alphas or replacements of the now dead Stage6; no continuity, no true “Beta” or “alpha” involvement with its users. Not a Beta or alpha. Where’s the testing…?!

Weeks passed by. Vreel was not real, or so I told myself. But one major difference with Vreel and other sites attempting to mirror former Stage6 was that its primary objective was to create and nurture an adhesive community. Something lacking on many other DivX technology based sites. Beginning from its infancy and its failure at attempts to open its doors on schedule, Vreel was in constant communication with its audience, and soon to become “Closed Beta” testers. Could this be? A true Beta experience? Upload rich-media content and actually give feed-back on the development of this new site.??

True enough, and to the dismay of many a skeptic, Vreel fulfilled its promise to its audience. I had been from the very announcement of Vreel, one of its biggest skeptics.

A week or so ago, Vreel and its Administration (Vreel-Eoin, Vreel-Debbie, Vreel-Dan, Vreel-Matu to name a few) announced its “Closed Beta” and soon to come “Open Beta”. Not much longer now. Consider this an Insider tip (no laws are being broken here, so laugh at me all you want).

Vreel is announcing its Official opening with a set date. (Visit Vreel for exact times and date, I don’t know it off the top of my head.)

This Blog could have been much shorter; and you’re probably telling yourselves that this reads like a dry article from manual instructions on “assembling your kitchen sink.” True as it may be, this skeptic and observer, has quickly changed his mind on “A DivX technology Emergence


  1. Visit Vreel.
  2. Read the Investors discussions in the finance sections of DivX Inc.
  3. Do your own research on DivX technologies and its use by consumers or by 3rd party companies.
  4. Visit Vreel.

** It is important that the reader be aware that the contents of this Blog are MY opinions and views of the emergence of a new and contending Video media contender, and not the views or opinions or positions of any person, persons, company or entities mentioned herein. With this having been said, I submit, that this Blog will be worth reading.

* Use of “VReel” logo has been used without permission.

As a disclaimer of bias or neutrality, please read one of my other Blog’s threads.

  1. First Blog titled: Jerry-Zambrano (My introduction and Rantings)Jerry-Zambrano.blogspot.com

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